Scott Lloyd Shelly


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ARTIST: Scott Lloyd Shelly
TITLE: Terraria
LABEL: Laced Records
TYPE: Vinyl
FORMAT: 3xVinyl, LP, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Remastered
RELEASED: 2021-04-00
GENRE: Stage & Screen
STYLES: Video Game Music, Soundtrack
WEIGHT: 770g

Terraria Soundtrack Volume 1
A1 Overworld Day
A2 Eerie
A3 Overworld Night
A4 Title Screen
A5 Underground
A6 Boss 1
A7 Jungle
A8 Corruption
B1 Underground Corruption
B2 The Hallow
B3 Boss 2
B4 Underground Hallow
B5 Boss 3
Terraria Soundtrack Volume 2
B6 Ocean
B7 Eclipse
B8 Rain
B9 Alternate Day
B10 Space
C1 Golem
C2 Mushrooms
C3 Crimson
C4 Lihzahrd
C5 Ice
C6 Plantera
C7 Dungeon
C8 Lunar Boss
Terraria Soundtrack Volume 3
C9 Alternate Underground
C10 Underground Crimson
C11 Goblin Army
D1 Underworld
D2 Pirate Invasion
D3 Pumpkin Moon
D4 Frost Moon
D5 Martian Madness
D6 Lunar Towers
D7 Moon Lord
Terraria Soundtrack Volume 4
D8 The Journey Begins
D9 Underground Ice
D10 Space Day
D11 Empress Of Light
E1 Queen Slime
E2 Slime Rain
E3 Desert
E4 Underground Desert
E5 Sandstorm
E6 Old One's Army
E7 Underground Jungle
E8 Jungle Night
E9 Queen Bee
E10 Graveyard
F1 Town Day
F2 High Wind
F3 Storm
F4 Duke Fishron
F5 Morning Rain
F6 Ocean Night
F7 Town Night
F8 Alt Title
F9 Journey's End - Credits
F10 Terraria Day Theme Remix (Xenon / DSniper)

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