Bee Thousand (The Director's Cut)

Guided By Voices


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ARTIST: Guided By Voices
TITLE: Bee Thousand (The Director's Cut)
LABEL: Scat Records (2)
CAT: scat65-1
TYPE: Vinyl
FORMAT: 3xVinyl, LP
RELEASED: 2004-09-20
STYLES: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Indie Rock
WEIGHT: 670g

A1 Demons Are Real
A2 Deathtrot And Warlock Riding A Rooster
A3 Postal Blowfish
A4 The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
A5 At Odds With Dr. Genesis
A6 Hot Freaks
A7 Queen Of Cans And Jars
A8 Bite
A9 It's Like Soul Man [4 Track Version]
B1 Supermarket The Moon
B2 Stabbing A Star
B3 Ester's Day [Shorter Version]
B4 Her Psychology Today
B5 Good For A Few Laughs
B6 Smothered In Hugs
B7 What Are We Coming Up To?
B8 Peep-Hole
C1 Revolution Boy
C2 Indian Was An Angel
C3 Zoning The Planet
C4 Scissors
C5 Crayola
C6 Kicker Of Elves [Longer Version]
C7 2nd Moves To Twin [Longer Version]
C8 I'll Buy You A Bird
D1 Awful Bliss
D2 Echoes Myron
D3 Why Did You Land? [4 Track Version]
D4 You're Not An Airplane
D5 Crunch Pillow
D6 Rainbow Billy
D7 Tractor Rape Chain [Shorter Version]
D8 Crocker's Favorite Song
E1 I Am A Scientist
E2 Buzzards And Dreadful Crows
E3 A Big Fan Of The Pigpen
E4 Mincer Ray
E5 Way To A Man's Heart
E6 Twig
E7 Gold Star For Robot Boy
E8 Hardcore UFO's
E9 Yours To Keep
E10 Shocker In Gloomtown [Demo Version]
E11 Break Even [Demo Version]
F1 I'll Get Over It
F2 Shocker In Gloomtown
F3 Alien Lanes
F4 Off The Floor
F5 Break Even
F6 Bee Thousand
F7 I Am A Scientist [7" Version]
F8 Curse Of The Black Ass Buffalo
F9 Do The Earth
F10 Planet's Own Brand
F11 My Valuable Hunting Knife [Shernoff Version]

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